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Developed by Dr. Jyothi Bathina,  Literate Voices is an ELA curriculum that celebrates student voice.

This student-centered, project-based, humanizing curriculum uses relevant engaging texts and invites students to develop their academic, critical, and functional literacy skills through creating powerful personal narratives and engaging in impactful youth participatory action research.

The Literate Voices Project has been implemented in several districts across California and the Central Valley with students ranging from middle school to high school.

The program is especially effective at motivating and engaging low achieving students, leading to statistically significant improvement on student scores on standardized assessments.

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Dr. Jyothi Bathina

About Dr. Bathina

Dr. Bathina has over twenty years experience as an educator and teacher educator in California. She has been a teacher, literacy coach, administrator, tenured CSU professor and literacy expert. She served as Center Director for the Center for the Advancement of Reading and Writing at the CSU Chancellor's Office and was part of the CTC workgroup to revise the state literacy standards for California in 2022.

Dr. Bathina has a Ph.D. in English and holds clear credentials in both California and New York.  She taught underserved students in the South Bronx, San Jose, and East Palo Alto. She was a faculty member in the Literacy department at Fresno State and an Academic Program Director and Professor of Teacher Education at National University before serving at the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

Dr. Bathina’s research has appeared in scholarly journals and she has presented her findings nationally and internationally. She has worked with hundreds of students at districts across California and published several anthologies of student writing.


Published anthologies from students across several districts.

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