WestEd Evaluation 2023

Our program has been independently evaluated by WestEd and shown to have statistically significant positive impact on low achieving students. We believe in reaching and teaching every student through using engaging curriculum and creating an effective classroom environment.

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WestEd Evaluation — Literate Voices

Educational Leadership / Summer 2014

Challenged by a classroom full of silent, angry, and disengaged students, a teacher makes a promise and ignites student learning. This is how compassion, understanding and science inspired hope.

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Journal Of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 2014

After escaping an oppressive arranged marriage by being empowered by her education, a teacher uses personal narrative to empower her students and give them voice, while simultaneously building their literacy. This is ‘When the Subaltern Finally Speaks’.

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EdSource 2022

CSU’s Jyothi Bathina: New literacy standards for teacher candidates could be pivotal to improving student reading scores.
EdSource | October 27, 2022
As cratering test scores intensify California’s resolve to improve student reading, one thing appears certain: the state’s newest teachers need to know how to teach literacy using foundational reading skills, including phonics.

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