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Successful educators know that to truly reach and teach  students requires not only passion and content knowledge, but the ability to engage, mentor, and create a rich environment for learning to occur.

Develop your teaching excellence with insights and strategies based on science and proven to enable student success.

Dr. Jyothi Bathina & Team

Dr. Jyothi Bathina Workshop

K-12 Teacher Workshops

We offer a range of targeted workshops followed by  coaching and support as teachers implement the Literate Voices curriculum in their classroom.

These workshops can be offered at the grade level, school level, or district level and will produce published student anthologies.

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Higher Education and District Seminars

Teacher Credential Programs provide the essential foundation for good teaching. We partner with Higher Ed institutions and with school districts in preparing  preservice and intern candidates for effective classroom instruction, including creating the right environment, connecting with students, fostering student voice, and building content literacy.

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Dr. Jyothi Bathina Workshop

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