Literate Voices Media Coverage

Book Launch in India Television Interview in the Bay Area Beyond the Fields Release- Sanger Left to right: Jyothi Bathina, Seth Gardner, Aaron Galbraith and Stacy Lazzari (Photo contributed) Published: Thursday, May 20, 2010 8:23 AM PDTSanger Herald A wonderful project is nearing completion at a local school in Sanger. The students at Fairmont SchoolContinue reading “Literate Voices Media Coverage”

The Secret Hook: Reeling Students In

Dwayne. He was my most memorable student in the South Bronx high school where I taught freshman and junior English nearly a decade ago.  He was one of those kids that doesn’t fight you, doesn’t resist, doesn’t participate, just puts his head down on the desk and doesn’t lift it up again till the bellContinue reading “The Secret Hook: Reeling Students In”